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Let's Talk Architecture

Oct 6, 2022

How many organizations are involved in the construction of our cities? It takes a village, and no man is an island. So, how do we build partnerships of change, and what needs to be done to establish strong collaborations in time to make a difference? In this special edition of Let’s Talk Architecture Michael Booth has travelled to New York to ask: What makes a good partnership? Join in on this episode, where he talks to Brooklynite Ifeoma Ebo, founder of the urban design studio Creative Urban Alchemy, and the Copenhagen based architect, founder of the studio EFFEKT, Sinus Lynge. They both engage in diverse types of partnerships, which is crucial in changing the value chain of the built environment.

Michael Booth is the host of Let’s Talk Architecture, a Danish Architecture Center podcast. You can hear previous episodes here. This episode is organized in collaboration with UIA2023CPH, and Creative Denmark and produced by Muck Studios.