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Let's Talk Architecture

Dec 20, 2022

How does the design of your office impact the way you work? In many ways our working and learning environments can be improved if you ask research and development architect Klaudio Muca from the architectural firm CEBRA Architecture. They have collected research and conducted interviews with leading scientists about the way space influences our emotions and state of mind – which then shapes our creativity and productivity. Some call it neuroarchitecture – a discipline where the neuroscience meets architecture. Innovative companies around the world have shared their approach to creating working environment that improves the creativity, and CEBRA has been curious enough about this that they have put all this knowledge in the WISE Journal. In this episode of Let’s Talk Architecture our host, Michael Booth, gets a tour of the CEBRA office in Aarhus, where they are experimenting with neuroarchitecture in their own working environment to support different workflows and needs of their employees.

Let’s Talk Architecture is a Danish Architecture Center podcast produced by Muck Studios. You can hear previous episodes here.