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Let's Talk Architecture

Oct 3, 2023

How do you address the issues related to disadvantaged public housing areas, often affected by high unemployment, crime, and other challenges? The question is common to many cities across Europe. In Denmark the government is combining social and architectural interventions in the most troubled areas: With the ‘parallel society law’, up to 60% of existing residents are evicted, and entire housing blocks are being renovated and improved. The aim is to convert troubled housing areas into attractive, safe, and diverse neighborhoods. But can the built environment affect the social issues of a place? And how do the changes affect the residents of the area?

These are some of the questions Michael Booth raises in this episode of Let's Talk Architecture, as he joins Marie Stender, anthropologist, and senior researcher at Aalborg University, for a walk in Mjølnerparken, a social housing area in Copenhagen, that is affected by the new law to prevent parallel societies. 

Let's Talk Architecture is a podcast produced by the Danish Architecture Center, with sound edits by Munck Studio.