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Let's Talk Architecture

Aug 28, 2023

Cities are attracting more and more people, but finding an affordable home can become a struggle – especially for students making the move. In Copenhagen the demand for student housing has led to new ways of building and living. The goal is to create space for more people by living smaller and sharing more. CPH Village is a leading actor in constructing – and experimenting with – temporary and affordable housing. But this is no easy task changing the housing industry – and the law.

In this episode of Let’s talk architecture the cofounder of CPH Village, Frederik Noltenius Busk, takes Michael Booth on a tour of their fourth iteration of their student villages, Village Nørrebro, that promises small homes, lots of community and even a low carbon footprint. And lots of learnings too.

Let's talk architecture is a podcast by Danish Architecture Center with sound edits by Munck Studio. You can listen to previous episodes here.