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Let's Talk Architecture

Aug 2, 2023

What are the secrets behind producing great architects? This question becomes increasingly difficult to answer simply as the world becomes ever more complex and undergoes constant change. Therefore, creating a learning environment for students that empowers the next generation to tackle societal challenges was of utmost importance when Architecture School in Aarhus needed a new home. In this episode of Let’s Talk Architecture, the host, Michael Booth, visits the Architecture School in Aarhus to engage in a conversation with the principal, Torben Nielsen, about the school's raw and simple design crafted by ADEPT. They also delve into the necessity of redefining craftsmanship, the distinctions in architectural education, and students who aspire to change the world.

Let's talk architecture is a podcast by the Danish Architecture Center, with sound edits by Munck Studio. You can listen to previous episodes here.