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Let's Talk Architecture

Sep 5, 2023

One way the built environment can mitigate its massive negative climate impact is by focusing architecture on reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling elements. Essentially building within a circular economy framework. However, many central players in the building industry are reluctant to change their approach to materials usage. So, what is preventing us from building a circular society?

In this live episode of Let’s Talk Architecture, Michael Booth sits down in a cross-cultural conversation with leading experts on the circular economy within construction, Anders Lendager (Lendager), and Maarten Gielen (Rotor), as they share their experiences, hopes, and concerns regarding architecture within a circular economy. Both guests express their pessimism as they envision the future of the circular economy in the construction industry. But there is also reasons to be optimistic. You can hear why on this episode.

Let's talk architecture is a podcast by the Danish Architecture Center, with sound edits by Munck Studio. You can listen to previous episodes here.