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Let's Talk Architecture

Feb 21, 2024

Concrete and steel. We know that both of these mainstream building materials come with a massive CO2 cost, and that we need to find alternatives. One way forward is the reintroduction of traditional materials and invention of new bio-based materials. But the implementation of the new materials requires large and challenging changes for the entire building industry. What will it take to kickstart these massive changes? And what happens when starting at a more tangible level: With the building materials themselves? 

In this episode, Michael Booth visits Denmark’s first bio-based construction marketplace, Havnens Hænder (The Harbour Hands), to understand the impact of introducing biomaterials. Two of Havnens Hænder’s three founders, Magnus Henriques and Mikkel Damgaard Nielsen, introduces Booth to innovative building materials such as hempcrete, cork, and mycelium, and together they dive into the greatest obstacles and potentials, when it comes to working for a greener building industry. 

Let’s Talk Architecture is a podcast by Danish Architecture Center, with sound edits by Munck Studios.