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Let's Talk Architecture

Mar 20, 2023

No one knows what the future brings, so how can architects make sure their design is resilient tomorrow as well as today? Resilience is a hot topic in architecture circles, and it’s increasingly on the agenda from the earlier stages of design and planning. But what does ‘resilience’ even mean? And how do you design for livable cities and resilient communities in an unknown future? We went to Berlin to discover how the German capital can be considered resilient. Martin Henn, the third generation of his family to lead HENN architects, and Caroline Nagel, project director at the celebrated Cobe architects in Copenhagen, joins Michael Booth in his quest to pin down the meaning of resilience in architecture, and how we can protect a livable city against disasters.

Michael Booth is the host of Let’s Talk Architecture, Danish Architecture Center podcast. You can hear previous episodes here. This episode is organized in collaboration with UIA2023CPH, and Creative Denmark and produced by Munck Studios.