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Let's Talk Architecture

Nov 16, 2023

Living Places is an experimental village in Copenhagen that challenges the way we build and live today. Initiated by VELUX and built in partnership with EFFEKT Architects and Artelia, the temporary village’s low emission homes suggest a whole new way of thinking about a series of urgent matters: From environmental footprint to indoor climate, biodiversity, affordability, and community building.

As a case study for the Reduction Roadmap project, a plan to reduce the CO2 emission of new housing projects, Living Places eschews costly, high-tech solutions, focusing instead on what can be done right now, for a relatively low investment. But what will it take to change our mindsets when it comes to housing?

In this episode of Let’s Talk Architecture, Michael Booth meets Sinus Lynge, co-founder and Creative Director of EFFEKT Architects. Together they visit Living Places and discuss the future of low-emission, high-quality housing.

Let's Talk Architecture is a podcast produced by Danish Architecture Center, with sound edits by Munck Studio.